Back At It

Looking at my calendar, with its multitude of scribbles, colors, and bold capital letters announcing big exam dates, summer seems like a distant dream. Yet it was only a month ago that I was out living in a lake cabin in Acton, Maine, working on an apple orchard.

I know, I know, my summer sounds like it actually was a dream. And, with its instagram-worthy sunsets on the lake and orchard-fresh veggies, apples, and berries in abundance, it was quite idyllic. And so the transition back to the reality of college and schoolwork has been a bit rough, merely because I have been living in an alternate reality for the past three months.

Yep, it really does feel like I never left Decorah. This “grind” of balancing school work, work work, clubs, “adult” things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning, and oh yeah, that thing called sleep, is a tough job. Much tougher than simply working outside on an apple orchard for 8 hours a day, jumping in the lake right after work, and eating blueberries in my hammock.

As the initial shock fades and reality sets in, being back at it does not seem like such a bad thing anymore; the start of this school year has simply been a continuation of what I had left off on in May.

While my first year was filled with its fair share of ups and downs (particularly first semester), this year is already off to a much better start. I am living in the Sustainability house (which I will absolutely be dedicating at least a few blogs to in the coming weeks), I got a job at the Oneota Food Co-op and I am finally taking classes that excite me, particularly my Entomology class, where we get to create an insect collection featuring 15 orders and 40 families of the subphylum Hexapoda, Class Insecta.

While this year will absolutely have its challenges, such as 3 hour Chemistry labs in a room that does not have chairs, I am excited both by what each day and the future holds for me. And while I still dream of my happy place at the lake, eating blueberries and reading one of the Outlander series books, I have to admit that Decorah is a pretty idyllic place as well.

It seems like my summer went by in the blink of an eye...but at least Decorah's not a bad place to be in the fall

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