Surviving the Final Stretch

With the wintry weather finally giving way to springtime blossoms and sunshine and the month of May a little over a week away, the end is in sight. Shorts and sandals are once again my go-to clothing items and it has been so sunny and beautiful in Decorah that I actually got burnt this past Sunday while writing last week’s blog!

Having tasted the sweetness of spring, I am now hungry for summer. Today marks 25 days until I am officially done with my first year of college and I cannot be more excited! My friends from home and I are already planning our big reunion and the high school grad party invites have begun to trickle in— a reminder that it’s already been almost a year since I graduated! Yikes! After a brief stay at home I’ll be off to Maine to work on an apple orchard and hang out with my family up there until August.

With so much to look forward to in a little over 3 weeks, my excitement levels are seemingly off the charts. Until I remind myself that in the next 3 weeks, A LOT of work needs to get done....

With 2 papers, a French project, and a biology lab report, plus the usual onslaught of quizzes, tests, and oh-yeah, final exams, there is a lot I need to accomplish. Yet the beautiful weather and the prospect of summer have put me in the exact opposite mindset I need to be in right now. My mind is drifting towards rest and relaxation mode while reality dictates that I really should be in focus and productivity mode.

With the end so close, I’ve come up with some clever ways to enjoy this springtime and relax while also staying productive and getting prepared for this final stretch of the school year.

Study Outside!

Who says you have to study in your dorm room or the lounges! Go outside and study! At Luther the whole campus has wi-fi, which makes it perfect for writing essays (and blog posts ;) while still enjoying the benefits of some vitamin D and a pre-summer tan. Picnic blankets, hammocks, and outdoor chairs all make outside study time awesome.

Set Goals and Reward Yourself

Review for your quiz or eat some ice cream at the Whippy Dip? Why choose? Force yourself to review for your quiz first and then reward yourself with some yummy soft serve afterwards.

Take Outdoor Adventure Breaks

Study for an hour and then go for a bike ride on the Trout Run trail. You’ll be much more productive if you focus hard for an hour or so and then take a break versus studying for 5 hours straight.

Do it all with your friends

You’re not the only one who is aching for summertime. Grab some friends for a study group session and then a Whippy Dip walk.

Just Hold On and Keep the Summer in Sight

With only a few weeks left, you’re so close! If all else fails, just suck it up for a little while longer. Putting the hard hours in now will make the summer just that much sweeter!

Writing an essay out on the terrace makes the process a little less painful

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