Arkansas Adventures: My Spring Break Synopsis

In popular culture, the words “Spring Break” and “college students” conjure up images of sparsely-clad college students partying on beaches, an array of alcoholic beverages close at hand (If you think I’m exaggerating, just search “spring break” on google images). For anyone who assumed that my title of “Spring Break” implied this, (though the words “Arkansas” and “Synopsis” should have been clear indicators that no partying on beaches occurred…) I’d suggest you go watch 22 Jump Street for your fill of wild spring break parties.

While my vacation was devoid of any crazy beach parties, I did have an awesome opportunity to go to Arkansas with my friends Martel and Anna. Martel’s dad flew in all the way from Boise, Idaho to pick us up and take us the 10-12ish hours it took to get all the way to Jasper, Arkansas, where he had gone canoeing and hiking many times with his family. After picking up Martel’s Grandpa Lee in Centerville, Iowa, we started the journey down south.

While being squished in the back of a car for 10 hours wasn’t the most pleasant experience (especially for the person in the middle, which is not conducive to napping), it was totally worth it once we got to Arkansas. We stayed in this awesome hotel, the Cliff House Inn, which, true to its name, was built on the side of a cliff, looking down on the valley known as the “Grand Canyon of Arkansas.” This was my first time visiting Arkansas, and I was surprised by how hilly the region was, but, being someone who loves the mountains, I felt right at home.

On the first day in Arkansas, it was a bit too cold for canoeing, so we spent the whole day hiking 8 plus miles worth of trails. The most memorable trail included a spelunking adventure through a pitch black cave (including crawling on our hands and knees for part of it) that opened up to an amazing waterfall.

The next day, with the weather warmer, we finally got to canoe down the Buffalo River. I absolutely loved watching the beautiful rock outcrops surrounding us as we traveled down the river. At one point, we pulled the canoes ashore and went climbing up to find the famous goat bluff cliff. The view was absolutely spectacular! We could see the Buffalo down below, with tiny canoes floating down it.

All in all, my Arkansas trip was awesome! I took plenty of instagram-worthy pictures, gained some new outdoor experiences, and made a lot of good memories.

Insta-worthy sandal picture on Goat's Bluff with a Buffalo River background
"Watch a sunrise at least once a day" ~Phil Dunphy
Canoeing down the Buffalo

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