A Campus Alive with Activity

While there are normally a lot of things going on around campus throughout the school year, January and February can definitely be considered “down months.” With only half of the student population actually on campus for J-term and February at the very start of second semester, there really hasn’t been much activity the past two months; it has basically been frozen tundra here at Luther College and the greater Decorah area.

Now, with spring just around the corner, Luther is starting to bustle with activity. Although the sixty degree sunshine-filled weather of last Saturday gave way to 5 inches of snow this past Monday, March 1 (my prediction of a March snowstorm was only a week off :) the taste of springtime from last Saturday has brought excitement back to campus.

There have been so many activities going on around campus that progress on my Paideia research paper has come to a near standstill. While I haven’t been able to attend nearly as many activities, speakers, and recitals as I would have liked, I have had some opportunities to go to a few things.

Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to go to the comedy show, which featured an awesome opening act by Top Banana, Luther’s improv comedy troupe and a hilarious show by Upright Citizens Brigade. Marty’s was absolutely packed, and although I had to stand the whole time (which was my own fault for not getting there early) it was a great show. I was really in need of some good laughs, and I definitely received my fill from the show.

Some other events that happened this week included an Interfaith Symposium (which I really wanted to go to but missed due to an unfortunate combination of work and homework) and the Oneota Film Festival that started yesterday, March 4 and ends Sunday.

While I haven’t gotten a chance to go to any of the films the past two days, I really hope I can make it to see This Changes Everything tomorrow. During J-term I was part of a book club that read the book, which deals with climate change and its relationship to capitalism (an argument that I don’t necessarily buy into—a topic for another blog) and I think it would be an awesome opportunity to watch the film.

It all depends on just how quickly I can knock out the 6 more pages of my paideia research paper that I have to finish for Monday...

A shot of the comedy crew starting the Luther chant

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