A Date with Downtown Decorah

With the Paideia research paper looming, what better way to procrastinate than to go spend the entire day outside in Decorah? For the past I don’t know how many blogs, I’ve been forced to sit in my dorm room with the wind howling outside and my parka close at hand. Not today! As I write this, I am outside in SHORTS on a 62 degree day in FEBRUARY at a cute little table outside the Oneota Co-op (stay tuned for a later post on the Co-op which is literally my favorite place in Decorah). Putting both my homework worries and concerns about global climate change aside (seriously though it is 62 degrees in FEBRUARY), I have decided to enjoy this beautiful day.

After a beautiful run in just shorts and t-shirts, my friends and I walked to downtown Decorah. While downtown Java Johns homework sessions and Co-op dinners are usually a staple of my weekends, it has been a long, frigid January and February and I haven’t had much chance to go downtown.

So today, on this beautiful 62 degree sunshine filled day, I just had to go outside and enjoy it. Sorry Paideia paper, but you can be forgotten about for the day (and possibly the rest of the weekend if it continues to be this nice out).

Anyways, back to my date with downtown Decorah.

After walking the mile and a half between Luther and downtown, we had an awesome lunch at the Co-op (where I once again spent way too much money) and then went window shopping down Water Street. I have gone running in downtown Decorah a lot, but this was the first time I had an opportunity to just explore several of the different stores on Water Street. My favorite new discovery was a little store called Agora Art. While being a poor college student prevents me from indulging in the cute little things offered at stores like Agora Art, I stilled enjoyed walking around the store. They have really cool wood carvings as well as an awesome variety of books authored by some locals. It is definitely a place I will return to, presumably with one of my parents so they can buy me something ;).

All in all, it has been a fantastic Saturday. With the sun shining, I can finally feel the stirrings of spring. The snow has almost all melted (although I am preparing for the inevitable snowstorm in March), and there are only two more days of February left. Let’s just hope that the groundhog was right about an early spring.

Not really sure why my friends like taking pics with this cow so much...

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  • August 22 2016 at 3:29 am
    I love the picture of the cow!

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