The Good, the Bad, and the Icy: J-Term in Review

I’m going to be perfectly honest with the readers; I was not looking forward to J-term. While all my friends still had 2 or 3 more weeks of break, I had to go back to school. And just in case I ever forgot that they all still got to sleep in until noon, our group messages like “hey does anyone want to go out to lunch?” or “let’s go see a movie!” were constant reminders that everyone else was enjoying a long break.

Oh well… I would think to myself, At least J-term is suppose to be easy…

If only that was the truth! I had heard from many that it was easy and relaxed with little homework, a so-called “Play-term” of sorts see my post from a few weeks ago about dispelling J-term misconceptions, but of course that was not the case. I have an especially unfortunate gift for picking classes (or really any tasks in life) that involve way too much work and my talent, like myself, did not get a break over J-term.

Enough of my rant. Instead of focusing on some of the “ugly” aspects of J-term, I would like to focus on some of the good things I got out of it.

1. Sleeping in

I know it’s a relative term, but for someone who always takes 8 am classes, actually sleeping in until 8 am was really nice!

2. No lines in the Caf

With so many people on campus and only one cafeteria, the Caf can be incredibly busy at high times during the day. When there are no bowls or utensils, the lines for food run halfway around the cafeteria, and you’re really hungry, the Caf can be a frustrating place (especially if you suffer from episodes of being "hangry") Yet with so few people on campus during J-term, I got to enjoy no lines, even on chicken nugget and mac & cheese day!

3. Winter Wonderland

While it got incredibly cold at times during the month of January again see my post about Surviving the Chill— sorry about all the self “advertisements”—Decorah is a really gorgeous place to be, even in the winter!

4. One Class

While it was A LOT of work/material shoved into a 3 ½ week period, it was nice to just have one class instead of 4-5 plus labs. Although it was a change of pace that turned out to be a faster speed, it was still nice to change it up a bit.

A little summation of this past month

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