Free Time in the Tundra: Winter Sports Activities

It has only been a week since I sat in my dorm room, all bundled up while it was so cold outside that a sheet of ice formed on the bedroom window. Last Sunday, when it was a balmy -5 degrees Fahrenheit and a lovely -21 degrees with the windchill, there was no way I would be spending more than 10 minutes exposed to the elements.

However, this Sunday it is currently 28 degrees with a chance of precipitation that could possibly bring a snow day (for students in Decorah’s K-12, because apparently snow days are not one of the perks of being a college student…) Anyways, all the nice wintry weather has really put me in the winter sports spirit. And what better place to enjoy the frigid outdoors than Decorah!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Decorah boasts a beautiful array of trails and paths, from the River Trail that travels along the Upper Iowa River, to the 12 mile long Trout Run Trail. While all the snow keeps winter running confined to the plowed streets and sidewalks, snow on the trails means it is time for winter sports like nordic skiing and snowshoeing!

While I have not had a chance to bring my own cross country skis up to school yet (don’t worry I’ll be bringing them up after J-break) I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to talk about all the cool winter sports stuff to do around Luther’s campus.Here’s a list of some cool winter activities.

  • Ice skating

    • There’s a couple of cool places to ice skate, including basketball courts about a mile off campus that the city floods for a n"ice" rink of sorts.
  • XC skiing

  • Snowshoeing

    • You can borrow a pair from Outdoor Rec
  • Sledding

  • Snow forts

    • Who says only 10 year olds are allowed to build snow forts and have a snowball fight or two?
Ice Cave is a pretty cool place for wintry activities

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  • December 11 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Izzy, parabéns pela iniciativa!

    Particularmente, eu prefiro a patinagem no gelo, ou skate no gelo, mas atualmente verifiquei que turmas de algumas universidades (Yale, por exemplo), estão praticando muito, muito, muito o treino HIIT para se aquecer rapidamente e usam método Q48

    Você já pensou em falar com o pessoal sobre esse treino? Tem uma galera fazendo.... :)

    link removed

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