Post Finals Reflection

I am happy to announce that I survived my first semester of college!!! And to commemorate a whole semester in the books, I thought it would be nice to take a moment and reflect on these past 15 weeks of school.

For all those high school seniors out there, whether you are already decided and super excited, or anxiously awaiting all those college acceptance letters to come in, I am sure you are curious about what this whole “college” thing is all about.

Here’s a list of 3 things that make the college transition difficult

1. Homesickness

Being five hours away from home and in a different state, I was really homesick at first. Everything is a strange mixture of exciting and terrifying, but once you get past the first couple weeks, it gets a lot better.

2. Dorm Life

Living with complete strangers a.k.a. your new roommates is definitely a bit awkward, at least for the first few days. But, just like the homesickness, it gets better each day.

3. The Caf

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the cafeteria. The workers are some of the nicest people on campus. Yet when it is really busy in the Caf, usually the big breakfast, lunch, and dinner rushes, the Caf is not a fun place to be. At these really busy times, the lines are long and it is really difficult to find utensils, let alone find an open table to sit at. Sometimes the food is so good, but most of the time I really miss my mom’s home cooking.

On a brighter note, here’s 3 things that make college awesome

1. The Community

I’ve said this again and again, but the community at Luther and in the surrounding Decorah area is amazing.

2. Independence

I’ve always been a very independent person, and the freedom that college gives you, such as picking your own classes and schedule, is amazing.

3. College Classes

For the most part, I really liked my high school classes, but I loved my first semester of college classes, particularly my Environmental Philosophy class. It is so exciting to be take classes not because you have to, but because you are genuinely interested in the subject.

The Christmas tree outside the commons

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