10 #socollege Moments

It’s that time of year again! And no, I don’t mean the season of family, thanksgiving, and stuffing yourself with delicious pumpkin pie. While the rest of the American public is busy getting ready for the holiday season, a small, unfortunate portion of the population is just hoping they can hold on until Thanksgiving this upcoming week.

I’m talking to all you high school seniors out there. It’s that unfortunate, stressful time of year when the college applications are starting to pile up and their due dates are right around the corner so procrastinating is no longer a viable option. Oh, and you also have all of your normal high school homework to finish too and it’s not like you can really risk leaving the high school stuff unfinished because you haven’t even gotten into college yet!

At this moment of desperation, you’re beginning to wonder, why do I want to go to college again?

For all the high school seniors out there who are balancing the incredibly fine line between sanity and the urge to curl up in a little ball and cry, I’m here for you. And to prove it, I’d like to remind you of some of the things you have to look forward to this time next year.Besides the obvious reasons, including a diploma and (possibly) employment upon graduation, here are 10 #socollege Moments to comfort you while you put the finishing touches on all those applications.

1. Getting to pick what classes you take and when you take them

Not a morning person? How do 11 am classes sound?

2. Only having 3-4 hours of class a day

Tired of the long 7 hour school days that waste your precious time that could be better spent napping?

3. No one cares what you wear

It can literally be sweatpants day EVERY DAY.

4. No one cares what you do either

Despite what your parents told you, Razor scooters are in fact an appropriate and respected means of transportation around campus.

5. Coffee shop homework sessions at Java Johns

Probably one of my favorite (and most cliché) college things to do. The welcoming atmosphere and warm drinks really are conducive to writing Paideia papers.

6. Addressing your professors by their first name

It takes some getting used to, but calling your professor by his/her first name is (usually) quite acceptable.

7. Postponing laundry and other non-essential essentials

How many times have I worn these jeans this week?

8. Comfy study lounge chairs

Good for doing homework as well as the occasional cat-nap

9. Biking around campus and downtown Decorah

Having a car really isn’t bad when you’ve got a bike and a downtown area only a mile away


I know every college thinks their squirrels are somehow a better breed than the general brown squirrel, but Luther really has some nice ones!

A little cliche snapshot of my study session at Java John's Coffee House.

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