The Non-School Part of School

Movies can teach us a lot about the world around us; WALL-E  uses an adorable robot to shed light on the impending ecological crisis, Forrest Gump warms our hearts as we listen to his life adventures, and Pay It Forward shows us that making a changes starts with just one person.

22 Jump Street, on the other hand, is not one of these life-teaching movies. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but college does not involve Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill getting high off of why-phy or the entire crowd at the football game rushing the field to take down the goal post. No girl on campus has Ice Cube as a father, and I am fairly certain that the entire college does not fly down to Puerto Rico for an off-the-charts spring break party. If you come into college with 22 Jump Street-type expectations, you will be thoroughly disappointed.

However there are plenty of fun, realistic things to do on and off campus at Luther. Here are a couple activities I’ve done so far.

Hiking and Bonfire

Decorah is filled with awesome trails to hike, run, and bike on. My floor (shout-out to my B3E ladies!) organized a little hiking trip over at Will Baker Park. After the hike, we started an awesome bonfire, roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and just got to know one another.

Movie Marathon Night

Who says a night in the dorms can’t be fun? All you need are some friends, a couple movies, and enough popcorn to go around. It’s also the perfect opportunity to watch 22 Jump Street!


Through Luther’s Outdoor Rec Services you can checkout sleeping bags, pads, tents, and much more! There are plenty of awesome places in Decorah where you can go spend a night under the stars.


Yes, you read this heading correctly. And yes, it was really, really, awesome! Although it wasn’t a school-sponsored event, I did get the opportunity to go skydiving at the Twin Cities Skydiving place (which was actually in Wisconsin, but you can see the Twin Cities when you’re falling). I guess Tatum and Hill’s free-fall from the burning helicopter was the closest thing to my college experience so far!

MKTO Concert

Just this past Friday, the Students Activities and Organizations hosted a concert on campus. The tickets are free for students and I have to say that the concert was pretty awesome. Hippo Campus opened and although I had never heard them before, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform. MKTO’s performance was also super cool, and although my ears may or may not still be ringing, I had a ton of fun!

Me and my friends Anna, Martel, and Shasa before the MKTO concert!
The whole Luther skydiving crew after our successful landing

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