The Midterm Crunch

This past week marked the halfway point of the semester! And we all know what that means....midterms!

I’m going to be honest with you; I absolutely loathe midterms. There’s nothing fun about having lengthy exams and multiple papers on top of a normally hectic school schedule. I honestly prefer finals week to midterms because at least then there is a whole week specifically allotted for final exams, rather than during midterms, where the exams are added to the normal homework, lecture, and lab load. Midterms week is hands down my least favorite of the semester!

Paideia alone really tested my patience by giving me a paper due this Monday (which I really should be working on right now...) on top of the midterm exam that took place on Friday. I really had to brush up on some of the characters from the four books we’ve read so far, especially those in The Book of Unknown Americans since we read it over the summer and haven’t discussed it since the author, Cristina Henriquez, actually came to campus to talk with us. Overall though, the exam itself wasn’t too bad; we had an hour to respond to three short answer questions and one essay. My professor even let us type our responses, so I didn’t have to worry about any uncomfortable hand cramps half way through the test!

Although the past week offered me little time to sleep, let alone free time to reflect, I would like to impart some wisdom about how to handle such a week while still retaining one’s sanity…

1. Take some time for yourself each day!

Personally, I choose to workout, read, watch a quick TV show, or just take a nap, but whatever the activity is, it’s important to take some time away from all the studying.

2. Go somewhere fun to study!

This is college, not high school, so you don’t need to be cooped up in your room all day! There are tons of awesome lounges with comfy chairs and beautiful views. I personally love going to the Union terrace and sitting out in the sun to do homework. I also love reading in my ENO hammock, although it’s so cozy that I sometimes fall asleep…

3. RELAX and just do your best!

The key to any test, project, or presentation is to prepare as well as you can and then stop worrying about it. My motto is, “Do your best and forget about the rest!”

All the oh so lovely Paideia books we've read so far this semester

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