Four Things I’ve learned in My First Six Weeks

Heading home for Fall Break on a six hour shuttle to Chicago, I’ve had some time to reflect on my first six weeks of college life at Luther. Thinking back on how hectic college applications and decisions were this time last year, I almost laugh thinking about the multitude of hopes, worries, and fears I had upon entering this excitingly terrifying chapter of my life. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on this whole “college” thing quite yet, but here are a couple of things I’ve learned so far.

College Involves a Lot of Stair Climbing

As a three-sport high school athlete and cross country runner for life, I consider myself fairly fit; however, living on the third floor of Brandt has taught me that climbing three floors of steps multiple times a day, while also ascending multiple staircases around campus really keeps your quads toned! At least I don’t need to worry about the freshman fifteen!

FaceTime is a Godsend!

I’ll be honest with you; at times I’ve been quite homesick. Living five hours away can be pretty tough, but luckily living in the age of ever-advancing technology has its advantages. Whenever I’m missing my family or friends, I can just FaceTime them. Just seeing my golden retriever, Cheerio, or hearing my crazy friend Emily laugh makes that 280 miles apart vanish.

Three Hours of Class a Day = More Free Time!

I always felt like I was wasting my time in high school where school days are seven hours long. In college, each class is so much more efficient and I appreciate that because I came here (and am paying a lot of money) to learn not to waste time. Obviously, a lot of my “extra” time is spent doing homework, but at least these study hours can be spent in one of the many cool study lounges around campus and not at an uncomfortable desk.

Dorm Life Isn’t So Bad

Yes, I miss my bedroom at home and yes I do wish that the bathrooms were a bit more private. But overall, dorm life isn’t too rough. With its comfy mattress pad, duvet, and assorted blankets, my bed is pretty comfy. And sharing a big bathroom with the other 47 girls on my floor really isn’t a far cry from fighting over a single bathroom with my 12 year drama queen for a sister.

All in all, my first six weeks at Luther have gone well. Heading back for Fall Break, I’m excited to see my family and friends back home, but also realize that my new life at Luther has just begun.

Got my "free" Norse hat for homecoming week!

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  • July 20 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Great writeup, Izzy!

    I could so relate to your college life.

    I agree with you "Dorm Life Isn’t Bad At All"- you miss it once you move forward in the life.
    In earlier days I thought how these 4 years will elapse... but, the day I completed my graduation and moved out of college is one of the hardest day. Btw, now I'm working at Webisoft - a Montreal based technology agency and moving ahead. :)

    link removed

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