A look back at my first year at Luther

As the spring semester draws to a close (with finals just a week away now), I have begun reflecting on my first year here at Luther as an International Student. The year has been full of ups and downs (mostly ups though), learning opportunities and new friends. It will be sad to leave the relative comfort of being a first year, and jumping into added responsibility and a time pressure of being an upperclassmen. However, I am also excited to leave behind the bit of the naivety which inevitably comes with being a freshmen. I still remember stepping off that bus onto the Luther campus in the dark of the night. I remember the warm smiles that welcomed us and the soccer and football players who helped us carry our heavy suitcases into our respective dormitories. I remember being awestruck the next morning when I walked out to the Luther campus in all its glory. I remember the orientation week, the many friends I made. Some of them I never saw after orientation was over. But others have become some of my best friends here at Luther. I remember being nervous when I went into my first class. I remember the many questions I had about the course selection system and what exactly a credit hour and a GPA meant. Sitting here writing this 35 credit hours and two semesters later, I can’t help but be awestruck again at the amazing experience I have had here. I have seen the leaves slowly turn into to the thousand different hues of fall. I spent my fall break here just laying around and soaking up the last rays of the golden sun (I am very fond of lazy memories). I made it through finals, of the first semester and settled into the deep hibernation of winter break. I had to wipe some tears away after the final song at the amazing Christmas at Luther concert. I had snowball fights with friends in the deep fresh snow which just appeared overnight. J-term came and went in a jiffy (Maybe it had to do with the fact that my class was just watching movies-winter hibernation part 2). Spring semester started with promises of sun, and warmer days. I took on mock trial, a fun and rewarding experience where I met amazing people and learned a lot. The first seven weeks was full of applications and paperwork. Then came spring break with my roommate’s family at Sioux Falls where I went to a zoo for the first time, zenned out in a butterfly house and did some much needed relaxing. The second seven weeks finally delivered the warmth and the green which spring promises. Surprisingly, I have had a more relaxed experience in this seven weeks than I did in my first seven. And within a week, it would be done too. Many adventures lie ahead. Sophomore year by itself will be a big adventure. In addition to that I am going to be a Resident Assistant in Miller Hall. Along with that I am going to be the new Vice-President for the International Student’s Association and Allies. What I am most excited for though is this summer. I am going on a trip which will take me to Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Park. I sure do love the Luther campus and Decorah, but it is about time I go and see a little bit more of the United States.

Good luck on your finals,

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