Stop making Ben Affleck sad… Stop the hate on Batman v Superman

I know this is a student blog and not the best place to talk about a movie. But this has been bothering me so much, and I just can’t seem to shake this out. I have kept it to myself for as long as I could, but I have now realized that it is time that I speak up. I know that I have to do the right thing. People should stop hating on Batman v Superman. Maybe you did not like the movie, that’s alright. But don’t say too many bad things about it. Its making Ben Affleck sad…

If you have no clue as to what I am talking about, let me just give you a quick re-cap of the situation. Batman v Superman spent 3 years in the making, all the while creating more and more buzz around the movie. Comic book fans and movie lovers were both excited for what was billed as the “biggest gladiator match in history.” It was the first time the superheroes were going to be in the same movie, let alone fighting each other. So it is no surprise that expectations were sky high when the movie finally came out last week.

Immediately, there was a universal outpouring of hate towards the movie. People complained about how batman and superman looked and behaved in the movie. Their characters were criticized for having human emotions like fear, anger and insecurities (since we all know that superheroes should leave emotions to the rest of us weaklings). What surprised me the most personally was how everyone compared it to the Marvel universe which has a laughable line of characters, along with poor story telling fit for the most mainstream audience (sorry Marvel fans).

See now.. here is my problem. Everyone was saying the meanest things that came to their head about the movie. But not one person stopped to see how it made Ben Affleck feel. We all know he is a sensitive guy, who can barely keep a smile for longer than a second. So why tell it to his face that the movie he spent months preparing for (getting the famous batman grunts to sound the right pitch), was not worth seeing like this reporter did. Ben Affleck looks down while his counterpart Henry Cavill answers the questions and ponders over his life decisions which led to this. You can feel the sadness oozing out of those lazy eyes. I am getting sad just writing about how sad he was.

I admit, I am not a diehard comic book fan. However, I read my fair share of DC comic books growing up. I know enough about the DC universe to know that everything is not black and white in their world. The characters are faced with real life traumas, which then ultimately lead them to be who they are right now. So if people were to just approach it with an open mind, they would notice the many real world themes included in the movie like the balance of power, tyranny, and also the movie’s take on theology. I know for a fact that I am not afraid to admit that I loved the movie.

Have a great week,


Sad Affleck after hearing about IMDB results

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