Spring Break Adventures in Sioux Falls Part – 1

If you have been reading my blog lately I let it slip that I would be spending my spring break in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with one of my roommates Elliot. Since I have arrived at Luther, I have not gone further than a 2 hour drive away from the college, so I was pretty pumped to be getting out of the Iowa region. Also on the way to Sioux Falls, Elliot told me that the population of Sioux Falls was around 170,000 which is the same population as Malé, Maldives. I was curious to see how the two cities would compare. Anywho… I am now a full week into my spring break here at Sioux Falls, and I have realized that the break so far has been about doing a lot of things for the first time.  

After a little catch up with Elliot’s family, we all settled down and started watching a March Madness college basketball game. This was the first time I watched a basketball game in its entirety, but even more it is the first time that I was seeing the intensity at which the top divisions in college sports competed in. Almost everybody is invested in the March Madness basketball, with everyone guessing which teams would make it to the next rounds on an empty bracket. The match we were watching turned out to be a big upset in which the smaller Northern Iowa beat the bigger Texas State University in a last second half-court Buzzer Beater. Two days, later the same Northern Iowa team lost spectacularly to Texas A&M in an impossible comeback which left the basketball world into a frenzy.

On my second day here at Sioux Falls, we went around the city. After grabbing some quick coffee at Elliot’s favorite coffee place – a hip Ethiopian coffee shop called Black sheep (great coffee btw – we explored the lovely downtown Sioux Falls which had a nice homey feel to it, with lovely quaint stores, and unique sculptures which get replaced annually. We went into a couple of stores which had very unusual and antique stuff. After an hour or so downtown, we went to the Sioux river falls, for which the city is named after. The weather was quite warm and nice so we just explored the Sioux Falls for a while. I remember thinking that the type of rock at the falls was unlike any other rock I had seen before and found out later that it was called Sioux Quartzite, which is quite unique to the area.

That night we went to dinner at the Douma family’s favorite restaurant in town called Bros Brasserie. Here again, I tried food that I never had before. It was a dish called Shrimp and Gritz. Yes… I have had shrimp before but I have never tried Gritz which is a Southern dish, which looks like mashed potato but made out of corn. After the excellent meal, we went into an old high school turned into an Arts and Science center to catch the South Dakota symphony perform the Puccini opera La Bohème. I had seen the opera once before, but somehow missed the first half of it so it was great to see the whole thing.

However, the performance was interrupted towards the end of the first act by a loud fire alarm. The orchestra played for a good 15 seconds after the alarm started sounding before the conductor finally gave up and stopped. Everyone had to get out of the center. We later heard an usher say that she had never seen a performance being interrupted by a fire alarm in her eight years of experience at the place. Anywho… the firemen did a thorough check of the whole building while all of us waited outside. On the way back inside I managed to get a derpy picture with the firemen.

There is so much more to tell you about my experience here.. Tune in for part 2 of my Sioux Falls adventure,


The Sioux River Falls with the unique Sioux Quartzite in the foreground.
A wild Ismail shows his appreciation for the firemen who safety check at the Theater.

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