Luther’s rich diversity on display at the Ethnic Arts Festival

Hey… I know it has been longer than usual since I last wrote a blog. That is because I have been terribly sick with bad migraines, fevers and a cough which I still have not been able to completely shake off. But I am feeling a lot better than before and I am up about doing what I am supposed to be doing… not to mention it is spring break. So I have decided to catch up on my blogging and tell you what’s been up with me. Right now I am blogging from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and I will soon write up on my adventures here. But first, I feel like I should tell you about the Ethnic Arts Festival at Luther College.

The Ethnic Arts festival at Luther College is an annual festival organized by the Luther Diversity Center where all of the ethnicities and nationalities come together in a celebration and display of the huge diversity of the Luther Campus. The Festival began with a country festival where more than 30 individual country stations were set up in the Union building. Me being the klutz I am forgot to sign up for the country fair, but I was able to pull something together in the last minute. I was lucky to find a lot of pictures of the Maldives, and I quickly set up a station with the pictures and put on my national costume. I spent the rest of the afternoon telling the visitors about the geography of the Maldives, the tourism industry and the growing threat of the Maldives disappearing within the next century due to sea level rise. I know…  Bummer. But hey, the kids enjoyed the video I had pulled out on my laptop showing the marine life. For a lot of them it was the first time hearing about whale sharks – technically the biggest fish in the ocean – which are found in numerous amounts in the Maldives.

Anyways… after the country fair we had the very nice “Tastes of the World” dinner at the Peace Dining Room. The meal featured various ethnic cuisine from all over the world including Egyptian Koshary, Japanese chicken katsu, Indian Aloo Bhaji and a lot more. A big chunk of the students at the dinner had to gobble up the food real quick because we had last minute rehearsals for the global entertainment show the same night. I remember being quite nervous and excited at the same time for the Bollywood Dance, Reggae Song and the Japanese Fisherman dance I did that night. All in all, the Ethnic Arts Festival was a wonderful opportunity to bring forward and enjoy the diversity offered at Luther College.

My favorite performance from the night... a fusion of multiple cultures.

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