Luther’s diverse range of talent on display at the BTQ talent show

It has been quite a while since I went to a Luther event. It is very sad I know, but I have been bogged up by a lot of school work and mock trial. Last night, however, I decided that it was about time I go to one. It all worked out, as the Luther chapter of the nationwide Beta Theta Omega (BTQ) movement was hosting its annual talent show. So, I left my books and went down to the CFL to watch the talent at display, and it turns out a lot of my friends were performing as well.

The show kicked off quite unusually, with the MCs themselves displaying their talents; the three of them did their own rendition of the three chord song. In just a few minutes, they established a strong stage presence, while displaying their awesome chemistry. The first performance was from the BTQ sisters themselves, who performed an empowering poem called “What if I knew that I was Beautiful”. The performance did really set the tone for the organization’s goals, which are focused towards women empowerment and leadership.

What was followed was 19 different acts all showcasing extremely talented individuals at their best. The performances ranged from a samba/Bollywood dance, a barbershop rendition of the popular song ‘ignition’, an original piano and violin piece by a Luther student, an original Timorese song all the way down to performances by the Luther dance troupes, Orchesis and Eklipse.

The highlight of the show for me though was an original poem by a friend I have known since high school called “Punching Bags.” It was also a self-empowerment poem, with a twist. The delivery of the poem by my friend Joram was so powerful at some points I felt myself rising from my seat.

Walking out of the BTQ show, I was almost beating myself over missing several of the Luther events. The only consolation was that I was on my way to Jensen to rehearse for another upcoming event called the Ethnic Arts Festival. It felt good to be jamming with a group of people after such a long time, and I am already looking forward to the performance. Tune in in two weeks to hear how Ethnic Arts Festival turned out.

Have a great week,


My friend delivering his own powerful poem, "Punching Bags"

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