Steaming ahead into the Spring Semester

It is just the third week of the spring semester and already I am starting to feel like my fall semester here was super easy compared to what I am doing right now. For starters, my schedule is packed with classes (I am doing 18 course credits!!!) and other activities I am doing.

My long list of courses for this semester starts with, of course, Paideia. It is a continuation of the fall semester Paideia, however this time, it is more research based. We are expected to write a well-researched ten page paper by the end of the semester with a variety of sources. In comparison, during fall Paideia we wrote a number of more condensed papers of the readings we did. Another continuation course I am doing is a math course. I will admit… math had never been my strongest subject so I am doing a two semester pre-calculus course which will eventually fulfill calculus requirements. In doing so, I would be fulfilling a prerequisite for my economics major.

Speaking of economics, I am taking a micro-theory economic class where we look at the behavior of firms and individuals. We take a closer look at how economics works within individuals zooming in all the way to how people make decisions when given two goods to choose from. Very interesting I must say… I am also thinking of majoring in political science so I am taking a global politics class. It goes well with the American Politics class I took last week. As of now we are looking at World War I and simulating the events which lead up to the war to see if level headed 18-20 year olds can avoid plunging the world in to war… quite a task.

This semester I am also taking two PE classes, each in two different halves of the semester. Right now I am doing badminton.... I must confess, I lived and breathed badminton during my teen years… so the class is quite relaxed. It is actually something I would recommend though to anyone thinking of applying here… it is always good to take a chilled out class so that you don’t end up getting burnt out.

On top of everything I have mock trial going. The mock trial is proving to be a lot of fun and has got be very interested in the field of law. I am already thinking of applying to law school. I am also applying to be a Resident Assistant at the College. The RAs here had a pretty huge impact on my adjusting to Luther College, so I want to be able to do the same, where I help incoming students in adjusting to the Luther community. I have my speed interview coming up within just two days so wish me luck…

Until next time,


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