Onwards to J-term, after a nice winter break

Hello again it is your Maldivian friend, Ismail after a looong and amazing winter break here at Luther College. It has been quite a while since I have sat down to write a blog, and by god I have missed it. Let me fill you in about my hibernation at Luther College, and tell you a little bit about J-Term.

Over winter break, I had the option of going off campus and traveling a little, or staying here to hibernate and maybe work a little to earn some extra work study allowances. Like I usually do, I decided to stay on campus and get some extra hours at the Union where I work. However, as the campus shuts down for the winter break (most of it at least), all the students who are staying on campus have to move to the towers. Thanks to some of my friends, I was able to get accommodation at the towers relatively easily and was able to move in as soon as the break started. The campus shutdown also meant that we had to do almost all of the cooking by ourselves.

A couple of my friends got together and started cooking and sharing most of the work load. Soon enough, what started out as a small group of four got bigger and bigger until there were eight people in the group. It was a whole new challenge cooking for that many people. The funniest part was of course the grocery shopping, which we had to do every three days or so. I remember buying three loaves of bread thinking it would last us a while, but the bread disappearing within two days. All in all, cooking and looking after ourselves turned out to be a lot of fun. The only downfall was that we were sharing the kitchen with 30 other individuals, sometimes leading to very crowded situations.

The break also was also the first time I participated in Christmas celebrations here in the United States. My American Politics professor invited me to his home to spend the Christmas with his family. I had an amazing time that day with the excellent food and nice company around me. There, I also tried sledding for the first time. If by chance you have not done any sledding before, I would definitely recommend it to you. There is something awesome about sliding down a hill in breakneck speeds with little control. HA!!!

As they say, all good things come to an end, and the break was soon over. People started arriving on campus and J-term began. There is a lot less people than fall and spring semester during the J-term, simply because a lot of the upperclassmen are doing their study abroad, or are at home taking an extended Christmas holidays. I am taking a very fun class called Eco Media, which is an English course. More about that class in my next blog. Tune in next week.


Snow looks a lot more prettier when you're inside and warm

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