Thanks giving at Luther

Let me tell you something about how the semester passes here at Luther. The beginning is extremely relaxing, there is not much reading, some homework but nothing too tough. Everything changes right after fall break. Some classes have you read like 80 pages within a day, while others get you working on 20-30 homework questions. Between studying and sleeping, and extra-curriculars and of course eating, there is very little time to do anything else. So that’s why when thanksgiving break came, I decided I am not going to do any studying, but just eat and sleep… and oh that’s exactly what I did.

Just like my fall break, I decided to stay on campus during thanksgiving as well. I just wanted to relax and get a break from all of the stress which had built up during the semester. However, during the thanksgiving the whole college shuts down. The caf is closed, and the college gives the people who are staying on campus coupons which can be spent at the Co-op, Pizza Ranch and Fareway in Decorah. Usually the people who stay during thanksgiving gets into groups and put their coupons together so that they can buy a lot of food and just cook together the whole time. So, a couple of my friends decided to do the same and cook a lot of Indian food over the break.

See… I have occasionally cooked for myself in the past. And when I do, I don’t really mind ho

it tastes... I just eat it however way it comes out of the stove. But when it is a big group of people it has to be precise. So during the break, I learnt how to cook with the help of two of my friends. I learnt how to make Dal – an Indian dish made of lentils and a variety of spices. I also learned my friends’ wonderful recipes to make scrambled eggs, which surprise surprise also has a lot of spicy seasonings in it.

The highlight of my break however was thanksgiving dinner in downtown Decorah. The dinner was hosted by Charlie Langton, a gentlemen from the town who hosts the dinner for the students staying behind every thanksgiving. He had made some excellent food, a nice blend of American thanksgiving food and world food mixed together. Immediately after having the dinner we all started dancing and singing. It was truly a wonderful holiday experience.


Some spicy chicken I made during thanksgiving

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