Asian Cultural Evening

Every Monday night, after a quick dinner I go to the International Students Association and Allies (ISAA) meeting at 7.00 PM. Every ISAA meeting is filled with interesting discussions on prominent issues within the Luther Community and the wider world around us. Two weeks ago, instead of having a regular meeting, ISAA  we planned for the upcoming International Education Week: a week which was to be filled with informative seminars about studying abroad, an international pot luck, a soccer tournament and the Asian Cultural Evening. I was given the task of getting the many Asians on Luther Campus together and throwing a performance.

I will admit, I had no idea where to start. But with a little direction from the Diversity Center, I started setting up meetings with the Asians on campus. This is when I got to know Shari Ann, a girl from the Philippines who also happened to be the ISAA executive committee and Yi Feng from the Asian Students Association (ASA). Little by little we started getting the performances together. By our final rehearsal we had a Vietnamese song, a Timorese folk song, 2 Kpop dance performances, a traditional Phillipino bamboo dance and folk song, a Mongolian traditional piece of music with the violin, a Chinese traditional dance, a Maldivian folk tale, and a Bollywood Dance. We also had a Japanese Fishermen’s Dance which saw the participation of the Luther Baseball team and was the highlight of the night.

As for me, I participated in the Bamboo dance, read the folk tale of how the Maldives came to embrace Islam and also did the Bollywood dance. The Bamboo dance was learned just three hours before the actual performance. To be fair, I was not the one doing the dance, but rather one of the four people who were tapping the bamboos while the two girls did the dance. The Bollywood dance was the most fun of the evening for me for two reasons. One, it was the last one which meant all of the stress of making sure everything goes right was gone by the Bollywood Dance. Second, I was dancing with some of the most amazing people I have met on campus so far.

All in all, participating in the Asian Cultural Evening was one of the most amazing experiences I have had since I have arrived here at Luther. I learned so much more about the cultures of my neighboring countries, most of it which I have never heard of before. Everyone had a great time, especially dancing after the show was done. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out to make it a night full of festivities and fun.

Until next time,


The amazing participants of the Asian Cultural Evening

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