My First American Halloween Experience

Growing up halfway across the world, I used to see a lot of movies where kids would go trick or treating, people dressed up, and what not during Halloween. Sadly, Halloween was not a big thing back home and people do not dress or partake in any of the festivities. So this was my first “proper” Halloween experience, and what an experience it was…

Saturday morning I woke up with no idea as to what costume I would be wearing that night and also exhausted after a very busy week. I was half tempted to just lay in my bed all day and just watch movie after movie… yes I was that tired. However, after going to lunch with a couple of my friends and seeing all of the children who were on campus trick or treating while wearing all sorts of creative and funny costumes, I wanted to dress up as well. The weather was very somber and cloudy, but that sort of added to the Halloweeny (is that a word?) feel to the day.

After lunch, I went to the river bank with a couple of friends and started coming up with last minute plans to dress up. One of my friends decided to dress up as a character from Pulp Fiction, while another friend invited all of us to a haunted house where she was taking part in. All the while, I still had no what to dress up as. We went back to Brandt, so that everyone could start dressing up and that was when an idea hit me. I was going to dress as a…… (wait for it)…… werewolf. It was not a full moon that night, so it meant I could go as my normal self and still be a werewolf. I know.. its lazy but it was better than nothing.

After dressing, all of us headed towards the haunted house in a building that, to this day, I am not sure if it is part of campus or not. Even before we went in, we could hear spooky noises and people screaming. It turned out to be one of the best haunted experiences I have ever had in my life. The make-up and the acting was so good, I did not even recognize my friend until much later when she told me exactly which part of the house she was in. We then went around the campus before splitting up at midnight and going to bed. All in all, it was a good night and a great Halloween.

Hope you have a great week,


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