Fall break at Luther

Last week was fall break here at Luther College. Most students use the break to catch up on sleep, relax, and spend some time with family after more than a month of late nights, intense school work, and being away from home. As an international student, going home over the fall break was obviously not an option, since home is more than 5000 miles away. I first made some plans with the only other Maldivian at Luther to head over to Minneapolis for a couple of days. However, I later decided to stay on campus for the entire duration of fall break because I had already committed to a hike organized by the Diversity Center here at Luther. Looking back at the fall break now, I would recommend all students to spend at least one fall break here on campus.

My fall break started early Saturday morning. I was planning on getting some much earned sleep but it was so beautiful and warm outside to stay in bed. Luther campus is beautiful all the time, but it is especially during fall. At the risk of sounding super cheesy, there was just something magical about the leaves, the grass, and the oh-so-gorgeous sun that day… maybe it was the lack of school work. Nevertheless, I spent the entire day outside with my friends laying around on the grass and playing some volleyball before heading inside after dinner to play some FIFA.

Sunday was pretty much the same. On Monday I went on a hike with most of the international students staying behind on campus organized by the Diversity Center. We went to a place called the effigy mounds. It was very interesting because the hike was supposed to showcase massive mounds created by the native Indians waaaay back. They are significantly smaller than they used to be thanks to years of rain and snow but even then we could make out the mounds which were created in the shapes of bears and other animals. Mostly bears though.

The best thing about the hike was that I got to reconnect with a lot of friends I spent a lot of  time with earlier when school just started, but drifted apart after the work load started getting intense and we started making new friends. And of course, it was lovely to catch up with the lovely diversity center after such a long time as well. After the hike, we even crossed a bridge across the Mississippi River just so that we would be able to say that we went into Wisconsin. We stopped near the bank of the river to take some pictures and one of the student’s camera almost fell into the river… yikes!

The next couple of days I spent resting more, playing some video games, and of course finishing all of the homework due right after the break. The professors do want us to be on top our game by the time school starts again as it is mid-term exams right after the break so they assign us some homework. Staying on campus proved to be very useful as I cannot imagine how I would have finished the homework if I was away for the whole break. I went back to school well rested and satisfied and glad that I decided to stay on campus.

Until next time,


Isn't that just beautiful
My sad attempt at taking a selfie while hiking.

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  • December 10 2015 at 8:30 pm

    You definitely need more practice taking selfies.

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