About Me

Catherine Lewis

Year: Senior
Majors: Dance, Psychology
Hometown: Northfield, MN

What activities are you involved in outside of academics?
I spend most of my time in the dance department, working on both faculty- and student-directed shows. I teach yoga at a studio downtown and also work at an outdoor clothing and gear shop.

What do you and your friends do in your free time?
We laugh – a lot. We binge-watch TV shows, go hiking, work out, go to parties, paint our nails, take weekend trips to the Twin Cities for concerts and other events, dance…

If someone was interested in your major, what course(s) or professor(s) would you recommend?
For Dance, I would highly recommend the Movement Fundamentals curriculum – Jane Hawley is amazing! There isn’t a Psychology course I wouldn’t recommend – I really enjoyed Abnormal Psychology and Intro to Counseling with Dr. Breitenstein.

Where’s the best place to study on campus?
The third floor of the library.

What’s your go-to line in the caf when you don’t like what’s in the main line?
Salad bar + black bean burger

What’s your favorite Luther tradition?
I love the candle-lighting ceremony at Christmas at Luther.

What advice would you give to a new Luther student?
To do what you love instead of what you feel like you "should do."

What do you miss about Luther when you go home?
I miss the arts building (CFA), specifically the beautiful dance studio. I also miss my friends so much!

What’s your favorite part about going to college at Luther?
I love the size of Luther. Small classes allow me to have really great connections with my professors, and also to have more opportunity to pursue things on campus – the college is great in letting students facilitate whatever it is they feel passionate about. I love the group of people I have worked with and befriended during my time here.

What's your wackiest Luther memory?
I was topless in one of my dance pieces!

What do you want to do after you graduate from Luther?
I'm currently in the process of applying to graduate school for Occupational Therapy. If I'm being completely honest, my dream would be to take a few years to travel, be in nature, and study dance and yoga... we'll see what happens!