Downtown Decorah: Women's Weekend Out

I work at Decorah Hatchery, a wonderful, small outdoor clothing and gear store in downtown Decorah. I love working in downtown Decorah and helping people get ready for trips, spending time outside, exercising, or just finding something comfortable and cute to wear and use.

Decorah has a really active and lively downtown community. I love getting off campus and seeing people out and about, shopping, studying in coffee shops, getting a meal, or buying groceries at the co-op. This weekend was Women's Weekend Out, an annual tradition for women to come to Decorah for some quality girl-time and to visit local businesses.

As part of the weekend, the Hatchery participated in a fashion show brunch at Hotel Winneshiek (which, funnily, is the sister hotel to the downtown hotel in Northfield, MN, my hometown). Two other Hatchery employees and myself modeled two different outfits - a "lifestyle" outfit (I wore a Prana dress, Chacos, a Haiku purse, and some handmade jewelry we sell in the store), and an "outdoor" outfit (I wore Prana hiking pants, Oboz hiking boots, a Tasc t-shirt, a Patagonia jacket and a Patagonia day-hiking backpack). The other women modeled other stuff from the store. A lot of other downtown businesses also had models, and it was really fun to see the variety of things that are available at downtown businesses.

After mimosas at the fashion show, we also had Happy Hour at the store while people were shopping, which helped my 8-5 workday go by much faster! On Saturday and Sunday I worked in the store, and it was fun for large groups of women to come in and egg each other on to try on different things.

It was a great weekend to work, and Sunday was a beautiful day to be out and about. Unfortunately, my busy work weekend didn't leave a lot of time for the mountain of homework that I have due for this coming week. But, hey, I'm in grad school already, so does it really matter?

Until next time! 

The poster for Women's Weekend Out.

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