"The Invitation Game" Documentary

As I've mentioned previously, I'm tackling what feels like a pretty massive senior project. Most Luther seniors write a research paper of some sort (around 20 pages long) with a faculty adviser on a topic related to their major that interests them. Because I have two majors, I was presented with the option of doing this more "traditional" senior paper in Psychology, or I could do some sort of project in Dance. As a Dance major, there are a ton of options for your senior project: working on/creating a show (focusing on choreographing, performing, lighting, costuming, stage managing...), writing a paper, or doing something else. For example, last year I was a part of Jenn Schmidt's senior project. The focus of her project (ie. what she was graded on) was choreography, and there were five of us who performed in her evening's-length show.

Jane Hawley, Professor of Dance, approached me with a project idea in Dance that fits in the "other category", and has quickly grown to be a lot more than what we originally intended. Jane and I applied for a grant from the Career Center (and eventually another grant from the Center for Ethics & Public Life) to bring in alumni of Movement Fundamentals to talk about how they use Luther's dance curriculum in their professional lives. Over the course of the semester, six alumni will be back to share their stories with current Luther students. Art leads to actual careers, hurray! Additionally, I'm leading weekly movement sessions rooted in the 4 Phases. With that, I am conducting psychological questionnaires to see if this movement practice has effects on perceived stress, anxiety, depression, life satisfaction, and body awareness.

The last piece of my project is a mini-documentary. I'm excited to share that with you today! 

The documentary highlights how Laurie Meinholz (2008) discovered her career path, how she uses Movement Fundamentals in her profession as a chiropractor, and her current research with Luther dancers.

You can view the video online.

This documentary was created by the Corbin Group, made possible by generous funding from The Career Center and Center for Ethics & Public Life. It is a part of my larger senior project, "Liberating the Body: Applying the Principles of Movement Fundamentals in Work & Daily Life", which strives to show how Luther's dance curriculum can be used outside of the studio to facilitate wellness in all aspects of life (including professional lives, as Laurie talks about here!).

A few dancers from "The Invitation Game", conceived and choreographed by Jane Hawley

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