Random Thoughts on a Friday

After a long week of school, exercise, and working on my senior project, I feel a little stuck finding a concise topic to blog about. Instead, here are some of the things that are running through my mind:

1. Every six months or so, Luther requires we change our password. I ran into my six-month expiration date this week. I think this is the ninth time I've had to change my password, and I'm running out of options I'll remember. I've been re-typing my password all week.

2. Taking Insanity, dancing, and extra workouts with my roommate this week has left me physically exhausted. I have no plans this weekend and am super excited to lounge out. (Yes, mom, I'm eating enough - don't worry).

3. For my Dance 264: Performance Research: The Happenings Course class this week, we have been watching videos online on ubu.com. It's a really cool website. I recommend checking out Trisha Brown and Jerome Bel. It's some really weird, really cool high art!

4. I bought a rotisserie chicken today at my weekly grocery shopping outing. I feel like I've somehow skipped from being in my twenties to being a young mom trying to feed three picky-eating kids.

5. Speaking of kids, I've been thinking a lot about babies lately. Is that normal? Perhaps it was hearing a birthing story at the Vagina Monologues last weekend, or maybe it was my dance last week with a 6-month old baby in Contact Improv. There's also a lot of talk of seniors figuring out their post graduation plans, and it's interesting to listen to how women have to be conscious of "planning" having babies into their life plan whereas my male friends aren't.

6. Regarding life plans, how have grad schools not gotten back to me yet? I'm trying to be patient, but mostly I'm thinking, "what have you been doing with my application for the last three months?".

7. Although I'm only taking 12 credits this semester, I feel as though I'm always working on school work. At least I like all 12 credits! Somehow I'm a little bit looking forward to an afternoon in the library tomorrow?

8. A lightbulb in our apartment went out this week and a very nice gentleman from Luther facilities came and changed it for free. I'm glad that I have another four months until I have to figure out what type of lightbulb goes into our weird kitchen lights. And then go to the store and buy it.

9. We started working with musicians for our dance piece The Invitation Game. Luther students are working with Jon Ailabouni on composing new music. I'm completely amazed at how the musicians are able to improvise based on the movement of our bodies. If you're a perspective student interested in jazz, I totally recommend you talk with Jon. He's amazing!

That's all I've got. There's a very vulnerable look into my weird, mumbled brain.

I've been thinking about this show (Highway 57) a lot this week -- Jon Ailabouni also composed music for this show! Photo by Photography by Brittany

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