24 Hour Musical

A large part of my January term and the beginning of Spring semester has been dedicated to SPIN Theatre's 24 Hour Musical. My friend James and I created choreography for the show. It was an incredibly fun process, but it took up a good chunk of time!

Last weekend, about 50 Luther students auditioned for a musical. They didn't know what show would be put on, and they had no idea which parts they were auditioning for. A list of 34 names went out a few days later listing who would be in the cast. This Friday, they arrived at 7:00pm. We announced that we would be performing Musical Theatre International's High School Musical, and then we called out who would be playing what roles.

Around 7:20pm, we dove into rehearsal. An extremely talented music major taught everyone the songs. Immediately after learning the music, they would move downstairs where my friend James and I would teach them choreography for that particular song. Interspersed throughout the evening, they worked with two directors for blocking and dialogue.

We stayed in the CFA from 7:00pm - 10:00am. We took a quick break for a short nap and some much-needed showers before returning to Storre Theatre at noon for costuming and starting runs of the show.

At 7:00pm Saturday night, we performed the show to a completely packed auditorium. The audience loved every second of it.

The event was a fundraiser for the Robert J. Larson Guest Artist Endowment, which brings outside artists to Luther's Theatre and Dance departments. We raised over $1,000 at the show, and all of the money went right back to the department for us to be able to experience more styles, more points of view, and more art-making.

I could not be more proud of the work everyone put in this weekend. I am amazed at how talented the student body at Luther is– the SPIN Executive Board designed and built the set, got the rights to put on a musical, pulled costumes and props, fed 50 people four meals, and planned out an entire 24 hours. Another Luther student taught an entire 90-minute show's worth of music. Two of us created choreography that was simple enough to pick up in an hour per song, but complex enough to look decent on stage. Thirty-four people gave up a night's sleep so they could rehearse and perform something they felt proud of. I am so happy to be a part of this community of people.

All day today, people have been asking me how I'm feeling. I'm tired, but not drained. Mostly I feel pretty gross because my diet has been primarily caffeine and sugar for the past 50 hours. I'm behind on homework, but I'm happy. I would do it again. Just maybe not anytime in the super near future.

You can view more pictures from the event on Luther's Flickr account, from both the show and the rehearsal.

When people auditioned, they knew the show would be High School Musical, Grease, Oklahoma, Urinetown, The Heathers, or Beauty & the Beast. We created a promotional video to get people to audition, and then took this photo as part of the announcement of what show we are doing. (Starting from left, we're dressed up as Urinetown, Gaston (Beauty & the Beast), Sandy (Grease), Heather (The Heathers), Ado Annie (Oklahoma!), and Troy Bolton (HSM)).
We sold out in ten minutes!

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