A Day in the Life: J-Term Edition

Last year, I wrote about a typical day in my life during fall semester. Because J-term is so different (whether you stay on-campus or go abroad), I decided to explain a typical day during J-term, which is a bit more leisurely.

8:25am: Wake up. Strongly consider being "sick" for swimming, but somehow make it out of bed.

8:40am: Pack my backpack for class, as well as my clothes for the day.

8:50am: Scrape off the windshield of my car because it's freezing. Drive to Regents. (I normally don't drive on campus, but it's a 20 minute walk from my apartment to the pool and it was below zero).

8:55am: Change into my swimsuit, head to the pool.

9:00am: Swimming class. Today, we work on sprints and the butterfly stroke. I'm not so good at it.

9:50am: Finish the workout. Shower and change.

10:15am: Walk to the Union and get lunch. Today: minestrone soup (x2), a biscuit, a banana and peanut butter, carrots, and a brownie.

10:55am: Walk to class with my friend Abbey.

11:00am: Psychology class. We chat about our personal projects and the larger group project.

11:30am: The class breaks for lunch. Since I already ate, I work on the mountain of reading I still have to complete for my Psych class.

12:30pm: Head to the Union to pick up classmates. We head to a local nursing home. I interview an older gentleman who has a lot of interesting stories.

2:15pm: Finished with the survey and interview, I drive the group back to campus.

2:45pm: I drop off my car at the shop to get a new oxygen sensor put in. My friend Kajsa picks me up and we get coffee and chat.

3:30pm: More reading. A little for my senior project, a little for Psych, a lot of Room which is just for fun. I also play Candy Crush until I run out of lives.

5:00pm: Have kind of a headache, so I take a short nap. Everyone on campus is getting sick, so I've been sure to take lots of zinc, fluids, and oils to help me stay healthy!

5:40pm: Wake up and start making dinner. Tonight: salmon, asparagus, quinoa, black beans, and a veggie mixture.

6:30pm: Kylie comes over for dinner. She brings chocolate cake. We eat and catch up.

7:30pm: After we finish dinner, Kylie and I start watching How to Get Away with Murder. It is incredibly addicting, and we watch two episodes.

9:45pm: Kylie leaves. I start to get ready for bed. I play more Candy Crush, journal, and read more of Room.

11:00pm: HUGE PLOT TWIST! But, it's getting late and I should go to bed.

11:30pm: Having a hard time falling asleep, so I get out of bed and do legs up the wall for awhile. I think about reading more but that sounds like a way to spend the whole night awake.

12:00am: Fast asleep.

A shot of my Directed Study class in Developmental Psychology

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