A Guide To Surviving Finals

The weeks surrounding final exams can be an incredibly stressful time. It's weird to think that I'm completing my seventh round of final exams at Luther. Since I've endured the process so many times, I thought I would share some tips I have on how to get through this hectic time:

1. Get to work early.

If you've worked hard throughout the semester, finals are way less stressful than if you're trying to pull your grade up significantly or finishing major projects. If you have the choice to turn projects in early, sign up to do that and hold yourself accountable. The extra time during finals week is definitely worth it.

2. Change locations

The third floor of the library will forever be my favorite study spot, but I can only spend so many hours in there per week before I begin to worry about my mental sanity. Sometimes, a location change is all I need to find some more energy to keep trucking through my schoolwork. Lately, it's been the second floor of the CFA. Big windows, personal lamps, and rolling chairs (and a coffee shop within feet).

3. Caffeinate responsibly.

I normally try to limit my Diet Coke intake, but during finals I feel no shame.

4. Exercise.

The gym is way less busy during finals week. Plus, it's fifty degrees outside! You know you need a study break, so you might as well clear your mind while doing it. I highly recommend watching Orange is the New Black on your phone while on the treadmill. I've had two long runs that didn't feel like long runs due to that addicting show. And on a treadmill!

5. Healthy snacks.

Eating small, brain-powered snacks will help fuel your studying! Or, just eat chocolate. Whichever works.

6. Study with friends.

You're all miserable. Why not be miserable together? 

Well, there you have it! My top six tips for surviving finals week. Please feel free to disregard all of these ideas, because there's a high probability that I'll do the same and just end up watching Netflix in the library. Good luck, all! xo

#3: Caffeinate responsibly. In the most clever tactic of consumer culture ever employed, this Diet Coke was literally made for me.
#4: Exercise. Here's a list of free, fun fitness classes that Luther is offering in January. I'm excited!
#6: Study with friends. Who else could take photos of you when you're studying and make your eyes donuts?

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