I Wrote a Grant

I am collaborating with Jane Hawley on my senior project, Liberating the Body: Applying the Principles of Movement Fundamentals in Work and Daily Life. The project involves the practices of Movement Fundamentals (MF), which is the basis for Luther's Dance curriculum.

As part of the project, we applied for a grant from the Career Center. It was great to have such a practical experience as part of my senior project - I am sure that I will be writing grants in the future, and it was nice to have someone help me write my first one! Plus, writing a grant is way more fulfilling than writing a 10-page senior paper. ;) 

The three parts of my project include:

1. Bringing alumni of the MF curriculum (who majored in all different disciplines) back to campus to share how they're using MF in their professional lives. They'll facilitate workshops, lectures, panel discussions, wellness chiropractic care, rehearsal labs, and performances during January term and Spring Semester.

2. We are filming a mini-documentary on how these alumni are using MF in their careers. 

3. I will be leading weekly movement sessions. They will be based primarily on the 4 Phases, but also using my training in yoga and meditation.

The project is primarily rooted out of the Dance department, but I also have supporting faculty from Psychology, Biology, Counseling Services, and campus Wellness.

Because my project is so different than a typical Dance senior project, I have been meeting with Jane one-on-one every week. Every Friday afternoon we meet for an hour or so to talk about how the project is going. It's really nice to have time dedicated to meeting with a professor each week, and I know that Jane deeply cares about the success of this project and me as an individual. I'm so glad to go to a school where opportunities like this are available! 

I'm excited to see how this project turns out!

Part of the grant's synopsis

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