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As part of my Dance major, I had to create a portfolio of my work the first few years of my major. The class was really helpful, because we got to meet one-on-two (is that how you say two faculty per one student?) with faculty from the Visual and Performing Arts department to talk about how we plan on using our degree in the real world. In my portfolio, I included photos from productions I had been in, work from classes, journal entries, a reflection paper, and an article one of my friends wrote about my dance career.

Another part of the portfolio included my strengths, according to the Strengths Finder. We received the Strengths Finder 2.0 book, which included an access code to take an online survey about ourselves. Recently, the Career Center explained the survey to us like this: there are 34 possible strengths, which you can think of as buckets. As you fill out the survey, different answers will put drops of water in the buckets corresponding to our answers. The algorithm is then able to line up your buckets from most full to least full, identifying your strengths.

Although it is possible to get a list of all 34 characteristics in order, the book alone gives you access to your top five strengths, in order. My top five strengths are:

1) empathy - "[sensing] the feelings of other people by imagining [oneself] in others' lives or others' situations*

2) input - "[having] a craving to know more"*

3) connectednes- "[having] faith in the links between all things"*, especially all people

4) individualization - being "intrigued by the unique qualities of each person ... [having] a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively"*

5) developer - "[recognizing] and [developing] the potential in others ... and [deriving] satisfaction from these improvements"*

This past week, the senior class of Dance/Theatre majors met with staff from the Career Center to discuss our strengths, how we can utilize them in our senior projects, and how we, as a senior class, can use our strengths together to find a cohesive whole in producing our senior projects.

 The class was pretty informative! I feel lucky that Luther cares so much about their students and helping them succeed - I know there is currently money so that every person taking Fit&Well (typically all first-year students) can take this survey. I found the survey to be really affirming and validating, especially as I hope to go into a helping field. I also think these strengths help me to understand how I interact with others in personal relationships - especially the "developer" strength!

It was really fun to have such a practical class.


* Quotes are from my unique Strengths Insight Report, published by GALLUP and retrieved online


My top 5 strengths

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