SPIN Haunted House

This weekend, I was a part of SPIN Theatre's Haunted House, a fun fundraiser for student theatre at Luther.

SPIN is a student-led Luther organization that "strives to make theatre available for everyone onstage, backstage, and in the audience". Students direct, act, produce, light, etc. entire theater productions. It's a great option for students to become involved in theater without committing to the high demands of a main-stage, faculty-directed production. For example, later this year SPIN will host a 24-hour musical, which is obviously only a 24 hour commitment for those who want to be involved. (For those not performing, such as my friends Kajsa, James, and I who are directing and choreographing the show, it is more than a 24 hour commitment...)

Because SPIN is a Luther Student Organization, it receives some funding from the college. However, last year they put together a haunted house in just a few days and made hundreds of dollars. This year, my friend Maggie was the mastermind behind the whole operation, and she created an even more elaborate haunted house.

I was in the first of six rooms. We performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Halloween) nights. It was so much fun!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! xo

My make-up for the Haunted House

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