Fall "Break"

Full disclosure? This semester blows. While I've felt very competent my entire Luther career, this semester is challenging me. My courses are not any harder than usual, but they seem to be more time consuming than usual. They're writing intensive, they're reading intensive, they're assignment intensive, and they require additional time in the classroom outside of class. While I'm used to spending hours and hours a week on homework, a lot of that time was spent in the dance studio rather than the library. And this semester, my only Dance course is Dance History, which is less practice-based than most of my other Dance courses (and instead requires about 9 hours of outside reading a week...). While I've done intensive library studying before, somehow having a bunch of classes like that is really taking its toll on me right now. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm doing that while also applying to grad school and working three jobs. Oof.

While I have toned down my schedule a lot since the start of the semester, things are still pretty hectic. This week is fall break on campus, so we don't have class Monday - Wednesday. I, however, took the GRE on Monday and am spending Tuesday and Wednesday completing my Occupational Therapy observation hours so I can finish my graduate school applications. This is all happening in between bouts of studying because I have a hell week the week after fall break, including major papers and/or tests in every class. Hurray!

On the bright side, this coming weekend is homecoming, and a lot of my graduated friends will be back to visit, and to see Luther's production of Love & Information by Caryl Churchill. I'm excited to see friends and watch that strange, strange show.

I was being a little dramatic... my friend texted and asked what I was up to. This was my reply.

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