Birthday #4

I turned 23 this week. Twenty-three feels amazingly old: I'm beyond the age of a "traditional" college student, I've celebrated my last birthday at Luther, and there's no longer a Taylor Swift song to describe what my age feels like.

However old, my 23rd birthday was probably my best birthday yet, mostly due to my amazing roommate.

On my actual birthday, I woke up to a posters decorating our kitchen and a birthday cake on the stove. My dad drove down just to have breakfast with me at Hotel Winneshiek. After breakfast, I had a math quiz, and then I worked on some homework until I headed to work. At work, my boss bought everyone treats for my birthday. It was excellent. 

After work, my roommate and I went downtown for dinner, where I had a free meal, courtesy of my roommate, and free dessert, courtesy of the girl in my Psych class who was serving that day. After that, I went home and watched Parks and Rec and painted my nails (some much needed self-care). Around 10, a few friends came over and we had cake and ice cream and chatted.

Last night, my roommate from the past two years, Kylie, and my current roommate, Michelle and I planned on a more "celebratory" evening of dinner and drinks. As I was walking into the restaurant, I noticed someone with very familiar posture standing outside of the restaurant. Remember how most of my friends graduated last year? My friend Michael, AKA one of the best people in the whole entire world, drove down to have dinner with me. Or so I suspected.

After sushi and ice cream (which I did not pay for), Kylie, Michael and I headed to drinks, and Michelle went back home to work on homework. At Pulpit Rock Brewery we had super amazing cider (which again, I did not pay for) and my friend Seth came and said hi. We then headed back to Kylie's house, which I hadn't seen before.

Turns out there was a surprise party there.

In retrospect, there were a whole lot of signs that I should have figured it out, but I had absolutely no idea. It was so amazing to see so many people turn up just to celebrate with me. It was also Harry Potter themed (because Harry Potter rocks) and everyone came dressed up! There was butterbeer and costumes and lots of fun had by all. It was so amazing of my roommates past and present to team up to make the day so so special for me.

Luther friends, you're splendid.

Signs my roommate put up for my birthday (also, she made cake that's in that pan)
Michael came down to visit. I saw him and then cried and this happened

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