Decorah Outside

It's no secret that I'm in love with outside Decorah.

One of the first things I fell in love with about Luther is how much natural beauty surrounds an already gorgeous campus. In Northfield, I live right by Carleton College's arboretum, and I take walks (bike rides, runs, skis) through that area more days than not. When I came to Luther, I was so glad to learn that this important mental hiatus would still be available to me.

Luther specifically has a ton of trails, and Decorah has even more. My friends and I often go for walks around campus or into the larger Decorah community to take breaks from homework or to get some exercise outside. Decorah is also home to the 11-mile Trout Run Trail, which is great for biking (parts or the full thing) or running (definitely only parts).

This summer, I stayed at one of my professor's homes while she was teaching a course in Hawaii in order to watch her dog. On "the other side of town", I discovered so many new areas to explore and spent about two hours every day trekking around Decorah woods and trails. Since living slightly off-campus this year, I've started to take my walks and runs in different directions, and have found fun new loops to complete when I simply need a break. I'm amazed that I'm continually finding cool new places to go, as I feel like I've done a fair amount of exploring in the past three years.

Recently, my favorite nature escapes include the prairie around Baker Village (there's a nice little path from the townhomes to the apartments that I can take when I'm visiting friends), the dyke along the Upper Iowa River, and a path that takes me up a really big hill and down a major road back toward campus. So much fun!

 Decorah friends - what's your favorite spot?

Entrance of the pathway from Baker to Apartments
The dyke + puppy companion
Another view from the dyke

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