Hillary Clinton on Campus

One of the cool things about going to school in Iowa is the importance this state has in the beginnings of national elections. I remember when my older brother attended Luther, he had lots of opportunities to hear different candidates speak, and was even able to meet President Obama. Because of this, and because next year is an election year, I've been hoping that presidential candidates would be stopping by to make appearances -- I even asked workers for the MN DFL at the State Fair if they know if candidates would be coming to Luther (they had no clue).

Last Friday night, I got emails stating that all of my classes in the Center for the Arts (CFA) on Monday would be moved to a different building as secret service would be sweeping the CFA in preparation for Hillary Clinton to come. I thought, excuse me, what?

The art kids started to spread that Hillary was coming (no one believed us, it's fine). On Saturday, I got emails from LC Democrats asking if we wanted to volunteer to help organize the event. I thought, um, yes. My boss was kind enough to give me the afternoon off of work so I could attend the event. By Sunday, we received emails from the college that Hillary would be speaking, including a way to RSVP for the event. Political affiliations aside, everyone was pretty excited that such an incredible opportunity would be happening on campus - especially my favorite spot on campus!

In only a few short days, the college and CFA staff had transformed the building into a great location to host a presidential candidate. The Luther student volunteers were split up into different teams to prepare for the event. I was a part of crowd control, and I was given way too much power in that I was the one who decided who should go upstairs and watch the speech from the balcony (so, students and able-bodied people), and who would be watching from the seats (mostly, people who couldn't stand for three hours).

After a lot of waiting, my friend Betsy, one of the co-presidents of LC Democrats, introduced Hillary. My first thought was, wow, I wish I had that for my resume, but I immediately felt so proud and happy for her to have such a wonderful opportunity. She gave an amazing, funny speech, and during it, Hillary walked out. It was a little surreal!

After listening to the speech and question and answer section, I had to run straight to work (my second of three jobs) where I taught a yoga class, and then I ran home to do an incredibly stressful amount of homework before bed.

It was totally worth it.

Junior Political Science/Psychology majors Betsy Fawcett introduces Hillary Clinton. Photo by Michael Hagstrom.
Hillary Clinton speaking in the CFA, 9/14/15. Photo by Michael Hagstrom.
Hillary in the CFA. Photo by Michael Hagstrom

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