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Something that has been really fun about being a senior is going to see my friends' living arrangements. Luther requires students to live on campus for three years, so essentially all of my friends and I lived in the same dorm the past two years. While it was always fun to see what people did to their rooms, there wasn't a whole lot of creativity .. mostly because there wasn't a whole lot of space.

As seniors, we have the option to live off campus. There are also college-owned townhomes, cluster-style dorms, and college-owned apartments, where I live.

This year, I'm rooming with my friend Michelle. The two of us share a one-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, bathroom, and a living room space that's about the size of my dorm the past three years. Look at me, moving up in the world.

To the side, you'll see pictures of Michelle and my apartment. Enjoy!

Part I of the living room: the entertainment center and our dining area. (Believe it or not, Michelle literally set the table like that for dinner.. not a staged photo whatsoever).
The other side of our living room, with Michelle and I derping.
My kitchen
The best part of not living in a dorm? Having my own bathroom. And not wearing flipflops in the shower.
Michelle and my's bedroom
Holy closet space, batman! (Also the bedroom)

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  • February 4 2017 at 1:16 pm
    jack Garity

    Are pets aloud in the apartment


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