The Senior Shift

Confession: I spent about twenty minutes crying in my bed after my parents left me alone in my apartment last Wednesday.

Perhaps that seems as strange to you as it did to me. In truth, I've always been a little teary at transitions (I'm a crier; it's fine), but this is the first time since my first year I've really cried about coming back to school. 

And, it's not that I didn't want to be here - I love being at Luther. I love my classes, my off-campus jobs, my professors, my friends...

But the hard part is, most of my friends graduated. I arrived on campus early, as I help with first year orientation, and there were hardly any other students on campus: None of my close friends were here, the group that had taught Luther's sexual misconduct policy last year was entirely different except for two of us, I was even in my apartment all by myself. Last year I spent the first week where hardly anyone was on campus with one of my closest groups of friends, and this year I panicked upon arriving back, realizing that safety net of friends no longer existed.

But, things eventually got better. I got to know a group of kids I don't regularly hang out with so often. My roommate moved in and suddenly the apartment was more lively (and there was furniture to sit on). People started meeting up for drinks, coming over for dinner, staying at our apartment until 2am... it made me realize, I'm going to be okay.

Things got better when this goober got to campus and I had a roommate once again

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