My Favorite Part of the Day

Typically, classes at Luther are an hour long on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and an hour and a half long on Tuesdays and Thursdays (so, three hours per class per week). Of course, the structure is not always this tidy -- for example, a lot of science courses require 2+ hours of lab outside of the three weekly hours of lecture, and I recently took a one credit class that met for 45 minutes on about 11 different Monday evenings during the semester.

In the CFA, classes tend to run on a different sort of schedule for logistics sake. For example, think of a 60 minute pottery class.. by the time you got everything set up you'd basically have to start putting it away again to be cleaned up by the end of class. My dance class on MWF is from 8:30-10:15, which runs through part of the 8-9a class time, through the 15 minute passing period, and through the 9:15-10:15 class time.

Because my first class starts at an unconventional time, I hardly see anyone on my 10 minute walk from my dorm to the CFA. People are tucked in their beds or nestled in classroom desks, drinking coffee and trying not to fall asleep. No one is out studying yet. The early morning runners and worker-outers are finished. It's quiet - not eerily lonely or creepy - you can see a person or two off in the distance. It's simply serene.

My morning walk is my absolute favorite time of day. Rarely do I get campus "to myself". I enjoy walking the same path, noticing how things change as the seasons progress. Lately, I love that I can start to walk to class in just a sweatshirt - a marvelous feat for 8:15am. I also love knowing that I can relish in the beauty and the solitude, knowing that I'll go to a place on campus that will be full of humans, movement, and creative energy. And in Studio I, I can still see outside, watching the world wake up as I dance.

Luther Beauty. Photo by Imsouchivy Suos (G.V.)

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