Podcasts and Essential Oils

When I talk to my family or friends from home, they often ask things like "what's new?" In the same way, every time I sit down to write a blog post, I feel like I don't have a ton of things to write about. I go to class, I go to dance rehearsal, I work, I study in the library.. it's kind of the same old, same old. Here are two things that are, in fact, new this semester.

Last year, for my Contact Improvisation class, we listened to a RadioLab podcast for homework. This past J-term, everyone in my class was talking about Serial, a crime story that ties into themes that my J-term class dealt with (Western responses to Islam). This semester, podcasts have become essentially a daily part of my life. I listen to them when I'm cleaning my room, driving to and from school, or working on my sketchbook. My new favorite is Invisibilia, a podcast from NPR that "explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions". As a psych major, I am all about this -- the episode on Categories discusses the three waves of psychotherapy that the Intro to Counseling class I'm taking is based around (we study all three: psychoanalyis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy).

Another new part of my daily routine involves essential oils. Oils were first introduced to me through my yoga practice, as my home studio diffuses them and uses them when they give massages during savasana. My roommate's mom recently began selling oils, so this semester I've been using them on sore muscles, bruises, to fall asleep, for concentration, and mostly because they just smell really, really good. I started to feel a little badly for using her stuff so often, so I've recently begun my own oil collection by buying some small bottles from the co-op. I don't know if they all help (the achy muscle one does make muscles tingly, and I'm convinced the bruises I get all over my body from dance went away faster), but smelling like lemongrass everyday is worth it regardless of if it's helping my circulation or not. 

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