The Hardest Thing

I'm back on campus after a largely uneventful spring break. After catching up on sleep, homework, and Netflix, I made it back to campus before the snow started and faced the most difficult challenge college has put me up against thus far: making my bed.

I make my bed every day at school - I think it's a leftover habit from when my parents took $1 away from my allowance every time I failed to do so (my roommate, Kylie, jokes that she knows I oversleep whenever she finds my blankets disheveled). While that part isn't difficult, changing the sheets on my bed is literally a twenty minute affair.

I've tried various techniques: taking the mattress off of the frame and putting it back on after the sheets are made on it (a heavy, awkward, real-life version of Tetris that is not meant to be played solo), putting on sheets and blankets one at a time, all at the same time, tucking the sheets into the wall, tucking the sheets into bedsprings. There really isn't a good option. Maybe it's something it takes a senior to perfect.

On the other hand, I could always do what Kylie does and just sleep atop her sheets for (literally) weeks without worrying about getting the fitted sheet on or blankets tucked under the foot of the mattress. To be fair, the bed-making process is a whole lot harder when you're on the top bunk.

So, life lesson of the day: having a mattress wedged in on three of four sides is probably not the most efficient way to make your bed. It is, however, one of the only ways to make it possible to have floor space for yoga in a rather small shared space.

The bane of my existence/my favorite place
Kylie's (likely way more practical) approach

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  • March 6 2017 at 5:38 am

    Good article.

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