Room Draw

Since coming back to campus for second semester, a huge topic of conversation amongst my friends has been room draw. As seniors next year, we have a lot more options for housing than we had the past three years.

After living in dorms for three years, I felt really ready to live off campus with a small group of friends. A lot of my friends who are seniors this year live off campus, and it's been so nice to go hang out there -- although the Luther dorms are nice, it's no where near the same feel as an actual home. Although I knew that was what I wanted, none of my friends wanted to live off campus (claiming the walk was "too far", because, you know, an eight minute walk is awful (I may still be bitter)), so we started pursuing on-campus ideas.

A huge draw for seniors is the option to live in Baker Village, a group of townhomes owned by the college but with more of a feel of being "off campus". The townhomes are for groups of six people. The townhomes are super nice and I've heard a lot of great things about living there, but part of me was pretty worried about living with five other girls (mostly because of the petty little disagreements that started when groups of six were thinking about forming). When finding groups of six proved to be pretty difficult, I bowed out with another one of my friends, deciding to live in college apartments.

On Thursday, my friend Michelle and I picked out our apartment for next year. The two of us will be living in an apartment with a kitchen, which I'm pretty excited about. Michelle is a different roommate than who I've been living with for the past two years, and while I'm sad to not be living with Kylie anymore, I'm really excited to room with one of my favorite people ever (plus, she and I always joke that we'll be excellent roommates because we're taking Intro to Counseling together). 

My close group of friends that decided to go for Baker ultimately ended up being 0.67 credits short of making the cut, and after that decided to apply for Prairie Houses, which they didn't end up getting, either. (Apparently this has been the most competitive year in an extremely long time for seniors to get the "good" (non-dorm) on-campus housing). This group of friends is now looking to live off campus, which is honestly kind of annoying to me because that's what I wanted to do all along, but ultimately I'm glad to have things figured out and to not be freaking out about where I'm living next year. Instead, Michelle has already started a Pinterest board for our apartment next year, and we have a Google spreadsheet going about who is buying what for our apartment. (Have I mentioned I think we'll room together well?).

Today starts tech week for Body of Water.. While I'm so happy to be dancing this often, my body feels SO ready to be done with dancing five hours a day by next week. My plan is to watch about eight hours of Friends for every day of Spring Break.

Until next time!

College apartments

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