Others Say Intelligent Things; I Write Them Down

Today we closed on Forgiveness Lunch. It was an emotional show, but in a really good way, I think. Since my week was mainly spent working on homework, in class, or working on the show, I don't have a ton to report on.

However, I've heard a lot of truly beautiful things this week. Here are some snippets of the beauty that has made its way into my journal since Monday:

  • Play in the chaos
  • I've noticed I'm more likely to say "yes" to an external party/source/directive than to follow/say yes to my own impulses
  • Support yourself and it will be easier to feel what calls in the world around you
  • Sometimes the space is the thing
  • overwhelming: having to trudge through to an ordinary goal
  • beyond: past the border; requiring another transformation to come back in
  • sensing and letting go of weight paradoxically makes me feel lighter
  • a found mark in dance, where everything is impermanent, ephemeral
  • Who are you? How does it feel? What has led you to see things differently? What are you working on that is interesting? What is your inner work? What is your outer work?

If you mould a cup you have to make a hollow

it is the emptiness that makes it useful

 In a house or room it is the empty spaces

the doors and windows - that make it usable

- Tao Te Ching 1


(From A widening field: journeys in body and imagination by Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay, pg. 30)

from Mortar by Blake Nellis. Photo by Blake Nellis

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