Tech Week Begins

I was thinking last night how bizarre it is that I've been back on campus for less than two weeks. It feels like so much has happened in the past 12 days that I don't know how I made it all fit into the hours of the day. Well, maybe that's kind of a lie, as I do know how I'm fitting it - I'm sleeping way less than I normally do. I woke up after 11 both days this weekend, which is super uncharacteristic of me - my body is trying so hard to catch up!

Today starts tech week for Forgiveness Lunch. We learned the piece last Saturday and Sunday and had two "clean-up" rehearsals this past week. Today, we start cue-to-cue. It's been really different from the past shows I've worked on at Luther (that took almost an entire semester to make, as the directors were creating the piece as we rehearsed) and part of me really loves to hear "move here, do this this way" and to know exactly what's expected of me.

Forgiveness Lunch is a two-part piece by Blake Nellis. The first part is Mortar, which was created in 2014 for the James Sewell Ballet and is being reset on nine Luther dancers. The second part is a solo by Blake, titled Dark Mountain Manifesto. I love the description Blake gives of this piece: "In our somewhat-human-struggle to hold it together, we build and we grasp, all the while dropping pieces and missing moments. What helps us keep it together?"

In addition to Forgiveness Lunch, I'm continuing to rehearse for Body of Water, which goes up two weekends after Forgiveness Lunch, and to work on a senior project. From the five plus hours of dancing I'm doing every day, I've accumulated quite the array of bruises all over my body - it looks like someone has chosen to water color different shades of brown, red, and purple across the boniest parts of my body. I'm not sure if that's something that just comes with the territory of dancing, or if I really need to work on softening.

I'm also doing a ton of reading for my classes. I'm enjoying the physical material, just not so much the amount of it. The weirdest adjustment has been starting to keep a sketchbook for my Design class. A new part of my weekly routine involves watching Game of Thrones with Katie most nights as I sketch shoes or other various objects in my room. Perhaps you can look forward to future blog post called "Catherine Can't Draw: The Most Ridiculous Things in my Sketchbook". You'll laugh so hard you'll fall out of your chair (and then we can compare bruises).

Until next time!

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