Back on Campus

I am officially back on campus for my sixth semester at Luther.

This term, I am taking Movement III, Contact Improvisation II, Theatre Design, Intro to Counseling, and Production Studio. Since completing my Paideia II over J-term, I am officially done with my Gen Eds and am now just working on crossing off classes for my two majors. Next year should give me lots of time to take classes just for funsies, and I cannot be more excited.

In addition to my classes, I am in four (!!!) shows this semester: two faculty-directed pieces (Forgiveness Lunch and Body of Water) and two senior projects. Because of this, my planner had something written in it for every day in February before I even got back to campus, but I'm pretty content with how things are: I love what I'm doing, and I enjoy being busy. I love that I have the opportunity to create and be present. I love being in the studio all day long.

I'm also pretty excited about my classes. Movement III is already turning out to be the best thing ever, which isn't at all surprising. What we do in that class seems so applicable to life - it sounds so incredibly cheesy, but it's just as much about learning how to live as it is about learning how to create dance. (One of my professors put it this way: if you don't live a full life, you're not going to make good art). I'm excited for Counseling, as I think it's going to teach me a lot about myself and my relationship with other people, and I think it'll help me discover what type of path I want to pursue post graduation.

Beyond all of this, it's just nice to be back with my friends. After being on four different continents during January, it's nice to come back to a great group of girls and a constant, hilarious group message.

While I'm not getting English breakfast served to me everyday, it's still pretty darn okay to be back.

Some love Hailey left on my door

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