J-Term Part II: Copenhagen and Malmö

From Brussels, we traveled to Copenhagen. In my opinion, Copenhagen was by far the most beautiful place that we visited. Whenever we had free time, our class would take to the streets and we would all wander off trying to find the most beautiful places. In addition to being the most beautiful, it was also the coldest weather we had on the trip. Our outside endeavors were broken up by numerous cups of coffee, drank more for the warmth than for the desire for caffeine.

We visited the Danish Immigration Museum, where we heard a wonderful lecture about immigration issues (including Muslim immigration) in Denmark. We also met with Anders Bernhoft at the Danish Institute Against Torture for a heated debate against torture. What I found most interesting (which may disappoint my professors and Anders) was that the center has yoga instructors for therapy of victims of torture, especially for those with PTSD. 

We also made a few day trips to Malmö (once I almost got left in Copenhagen, it's 100% Todd Green's fault) where we met with Anne Sofie Roald at the University of Malmö to discuss multiculturalism and to visit an Islamic Center.

Not wanting to take out even more currency in Sweden (and, honestly, in an attempt to be frugal, since Denmark was super expensive), Abbey and I ate canned tuna mashed with avocado and crackers for most of our meals in Sweden and Copenhagen. We also started buying bags and bags of gummy candies. Cheap and delicious!

That being said, a small group of us went with Professor Moeller to an Ethiopian restaurant on one of our last nights in Copenhagen. We got way, way too much food (all of which was eaten entirely with our hands) and had a wonderful time!

You can read more about our time in Denmark and Sweden on Ben's blog here.


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