Christmas at Luther 2014

My parents came up this weekend for Christmas at Luther. My mom could not stop bubbling about how excited she was for the concert, explaining that this is her Christmas - what really makes her feel like the season is happening.

As I thought about it, Christmas at Luther has become a tradition for my family. It was eight years ago that I saw my first Christmas at Luther (!) and I have gone every year since, either performing (my first year at Luther) or watching the performance.

I still vividly remember my first [email protected] experience, not having any idea what I was getting into. My older brother was in Norsemen, and my family and my high school boyfriend (who wore a St. Olaf sweatshirt to the performance - blasphemy!) drove down for the show. I was astonished at how beautiful the CFL was (and how nice it was to have a huge Christmas concert in a building like the CFL rather than a gymnasium!) and how many students were performing such high-caliber music.

That year, and every year since, my favorite part has been the candle-lighting ceremony. I don't remember what the song was the first time I saw [email protected], but I remember that my brother was standing in the aisle right next to my family during the candle-lighting piece and I sobbed. It hasn't lost it's magic for me yet. This year, [email protected] was titled "And on Earth, Peace" and throughout the show they mentioned the ceasefire on Christmas Day 1914 during WWI. During the candle-lighting this year (to a beautiful arrangement of Silent Night) they projected images of soldiers from the war. It was a really powerful juxtaposition, which for me emphasized how Christ-like peace truly is.

That, and the candlelight against loved one's faces is just so damn beautiful.

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