Spending More and More of Breaks on Campus

I've been spending more and more of my breaks on campus due to my off-campus yoga teaching job.

Luther was done with classes on Tuesday, leaving Wednesday through Sunday for break. I teach yoga both Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. Because of this, I spent Tuesday night on (a very quiet) campus, and I returned to school this evening (Saturday) so I could sleep in tomorrow before teaching my class.

Graciously, one of my favorite people ended up staying on campus with me until Wednesday afternoon, giving me someone to hang out with. I then spent most of Wednesday afternoon cleaning up my dorm room. I can officially say that our room has been swept and vacuumed.. exactly once. It was disgusting. I got home around 9:30 on Wednesday night and spent some time catching up with my younger brother and his girlfriend. 

On Thanksgiving, my dad, my brothers, and my brother's girlfriend (my mom is a nurse and had to work) went to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a really great time, and we all had way too much food to eat.

When it came time for dessert, my aunt gave my brother one of the most absurd helpings of pie man has ever seen: he asked for a sliver of each type of pie, and instead received about a sixth of each pie, a huge scoop of ice cream, and a mountain of whipped cream. He even had to get a special, non-dessert sized plate to fit it all on. He couldn't finish it, even with my, and my grandpa's (who I will affectionately refer to as a bottomless pit) help.

After dinner, the five of us went to see Mockingjay. We got home about the same time my mom got back from work, and one of my friends came over and the seven of us played a really fun game of Mexican Train dominoes along with after-dinner drinks and appetizers. It was a great night!

On Friday, I met up with one of my high school friends for lunch, and we walked around downtown Northfield which was really nice. We then had Thanksgiving on the other side of my family. I was there for about an hour and a half before I had to leave to take my older brother to the airport, and then I was able to go back for another few hours. Again, I had a slightly-disgusting amount of food. It was really nice to catch up with my cousins and I got some much-needed baby time in, as many of my cousins have very little ones!

It was really nice to be home and to catch up with my family (and my laundry). Breaks always seem to be too short, and this one felt especially short!

Since returning to school this evening I've tried to get back in the groove of homework, working on a Genogram project for my Abnormal Psychology class and a movement analysis (of my cousin's 10-month-old) for one of my dance classes. While neither of them are done, I'm sure I got a lot more accomplished at school than I would have at home.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Christmas at Luther week, so you know things are about to get good (and busy)...

Photo from Luther Facebook page

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