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My roommate and I had a discussion the other day about how we want to get the most out of our last two years at Luther. She, having dated a someone who graduated last spring, sees the preciousness of the time we have left. We discussed how what we're going to remember about college isn't the classes, but rather the people we hung out with, the fun things we did, the amazing lectures and opportunities to learn that we had. Maybe that's cheesy, but it's been on our minds.

This weekend I got a little dose of how quickly time seems to be going by. Every year, my high school cross country team comes to Luther for the All-American meet. I love getting to see my coaches and teammates who were such a huge part of my life throughout high school - but this year, there were hardly any kids left on the team that I knew! It's so strange to think that it was four years ago that I was running in meets like this one. Being swarmed in maroon and gold and sweat felt so familiar and so comfortable - but I don't miss racing those 4ks one bit.

Looking back on high school, it's activities like cross country, choir, my Spanish class' trip to Costa Rica, and Rock 'n Roll Revival that I remember. I've blocked out the suckiness (AP Chemistry) and the exams and stress and just remember the fun. I think that's an important consideration for my college life now; college is about so much more than the classes. So, while a huge portion of my Luther life will always be spent in the library, this year I have a goal to do even more "other" stuff.


PS: Check out my pre-yoga posture in that photo - yikes!

Cross Country Seniors 2011

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